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Traditionally 3D Imaging sequences and techniques have been utilized only for imaging the brain and its structures. Rad Alliance, Inc., is pioneering the use of this technology in clinical applications for spine, MSK, and body imaging.

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Functional MRI (fMRI)

While a traditional anatomical MRI images the structures of the brain, an fMRI measures brain function by imaging neural networks, blood flow and metabolites to quantify various neurological dysfunctions.

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fMRI Consulting

We provide on or off-site consulting services for imaging centers who would like to start an Advanced Neurological Imaging program utilizing functional MRI (fMRI), expand or enhance their current program or department or collaborate with Rad Alliance, Inc.

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High-Field Open MRI

Open scanners, due to their “pancake” or upright design, have less homogeneity, and therefore a weaker magnet field strength of 0.2T to 0.6T, resulting in inferior image quality and longer exams.

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Mood Disorders

Various Mood Disorders such as Depression, OCD, Anxiety, PTSD and more have been successfully diagnosed and quantified utilizing Advanced Neurological Diagnostic Imaging.

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Degenerative Diseases

Degenerative Conditions such as Alzheimer’s Disease are evaluated and distinguished from other Dementias, which may alter or validate the proposed treatment program.

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Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

A Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) can be identified and classified as well as distinguished from a Concussion depending on the severity, which may alter or validate the proposed treatment program.

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rTMS Data

The activated functional areas visualized in an fMRI can provide invaluable data which can be used for rTMS treatment locations to provide better treatment outcomes.

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Professional Services

Our full-time Professional Services include image, technologist and technique quality control, ACR peer-to-peer reviews as well as protocol evaluation and revision to ensure optimum throughput without sacrificing quality.

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Imaging Center Development

If you are determining the feasibility of developing an Out or In-Patient Imaging Center, we can assist with a cost analysis, acquire demographic and referral volume data as well as a projected profit and loss analysis.

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In-office Scanner Management

Rad Alliance, Inc., provides In-office Scanner Management services for the operation and management of scanners within a physician’s office or an imaging facility under a group practice exclusion management.

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