High-Field Open MRI

What is a High-Field Open MRI?

Traditionally “Open” MRIs have been considered inferior to closed scanners due to their lower field strengths. Closed scanners used in clinical practice typically have a field strength, measured in Telsa, of 1.5T(Tesla) or 3T. These are considered high field MRI scanners.

Open scanners, due to their “pancake” or upright design, have less homogeneity, and therefore a weaker magnet field strength of 0.2T to 0.6T, resulting in inferior image quality and longer exam times. The average exam time for a lower strength magnet is 45-60 min of scanning time.

Siemens has designed a superior High-Field Ultra-Short, Ultra-Wide Bore MRI magnet that provides a 1.5T field strength as well as accommodates claustrophobic patients and obese patients, with a table limit of up to 550 lbs.

The Ultra-Short design allows for 80% of exams to be performed with the patient’s head outside of the bore. In addition, due to its High-Field 1.5T magnet and with the application of 3D MRI Technology (link to 3D page), the exam times are decreased by up to 60% then those of a traditional Open MRI scanner.

Rad Alliance, Inc., offers a High-Field Open MRI at select locations in Orange County, Los Angeles County and Monterey County.

Our staff are specially trained to ensure a successful exam completion and to ease patients who may become anxious or claustrophobic.

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